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With our own environmental 
lab we are able to perform all 
necessary climatic tests MEN's rugged and reliable embedded computers withstand harsh environments with extreme temperatures, shock, vibration, dust, humidity and chemical influence
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Rugged Electronics

MEN products are tested for rugged environments

Safe Operation in Harsh Environments

Rugged electronics imply safe and reliable operation of a computer board or system in harsh environments. A rugged computer needs a robust housing to withstand extreme climatic conditions, but also its interior components, above all the processor, need to be specifically designed for high industrial demands.

The level of ruggedness, the safety requirements and the standards to be applied are very specific and depend largely on the markets where the application is located. Different measures have to be taken and rules have to be applied in design and production to make products work reliably even in hot or cold, dusty or humid, shaking and vibrating environments.

Rugged Computers Right from the Start

For MEN it is a matter of course to develop boards and systems according to these requirements anyway. Even in the design stage the choice of components and the layout of the board must, for example, take into account the suitability for specific temperature ranges, shock, vibration, chemical influence, the option of coating against humidity, and other requirements. MEN runs its own test laboratory to test the boards in harsh environmental conditions like extreme temperatures.

To achieve the highest quality of the boards, the fully automated production is done in-house and includes traceability. All of this combined guarantees that a perfectly reliable product can be delivered for an operation period of theoretically up to 30 years, if necessary.

Rugged Boards from MEN with...

-40 to +85°C temperature range (qualified)

-40 to +85°C temperature range (screened)

Conduction cooling

Conformal coating by default

Note: Nearly all other MEN boards can also be conformally coated on request.

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