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Keep up with what's going on at MEN Fly at maximum altitude with the powerful multi-core computer-on-module XM51.
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Sky High: PowerPC® QorIQ™ COM XM51

Fly at maximum altitude with the powerful multi-core computer-on-module XM51.

Based on the Freescale™ PowerPC® QorIQ™ P4080, P4040 or P3041 it runs at frequencies between 1.2 and 1.5 GHz. Depending on the individual needs, up to 8 processor cores, 16 GB ECC DDR3 SDRAM, 128 KB FRAM and 256 MB Flash are available. The XM51 is qualified for operation in a -40°C to +85°C conduction or convection cooled environment. As all ESMexpress® modules it is embedded in a covered frame.

Together with an application-specific carrier board it forms a semi-custom solution for industrial, harsh, mobile and mission-critical environments. All interfaces routed from the QorIQ™ processor are available on any ESMexpress® carrier board. Those include four USB 2.0 host ports and one USB client realized using a UART-to-USB converter, two Gigabit Ethernet channels, dual 3-Gbit SATA, and two PCI Express® x1 links. The latter support PCIe® 2.x with data rates of 5 Gbits/s per lane.

The speed, ruggedness and flexibility on this small form factor board makes it the perfect solution for demanding applications - especially for airborne applications in the avionics market.


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