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ESMexpress COMs can be evaluated on COM Express carrier boards via an adapter board Rugged COM Express is a Computer-On-Module (COM) standard especially ruggedized and providing a high-performance, low-power architecture for harsh environments
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Rugged COM Express® Computer-On-Modules

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Computer-On-Modules (COM) are complete computers on a plug-on module. Configuring the I/O on an individual carrier card tailors to the functionality of the application, saves costs and shortens time to market.

Being a new VITA standard, Rugged COM Express® is based on the well-known and wide-spread PICMG standard COM.0 or COM Express®. Rugged COM Express® or VITA 59 RCE has been developed for all kinds of demanding embedded applications with extended requirements for thermal design, shock, vibration and EMC.

VITA 59 Adds Robustness to COM Express®

Rugged COM Express® is suited for application in extremely harsh, mobile and mission-critical environments.

Typical quantities for these types of applications are significantly lower and often do not allow customized designs.

This is why Rugged COM Express® adds a mechanical specification for conduction cooling of the electronics, using a frame and cover to embed them inside a closed housing even on the COM's carrier board.

The Four Major Benefits of Completely Covering Electronic Parts:

  • Reliable operation in a temperature range from -40 to +125 °C using conduction cooling inside the system. If required, CCA technology can be combined with passive cooling, making forced air cooling with fans superfluous.
  • Protection from dust, chemicals or humidity within a sealed enclosure, also in combination with conformal coating.
  • Resistance against high shock & vibration effects by having the metal block containing the electronics firmly screwed to the carrier card.
  • 100% EMC protection thanks to the aluminum cover on top and all four sides, as well as the bottom cover of the carrier board.

Rugged COM Express® provides the required computing functions with a constant eye on the requirements of the final system solution - no matter whether it is developed by MEN, a third-party or the end user - thus saving significant costs on the solution side.

Finally, the long-term availability of computers from MEN will give the user a background for safe planning, and again saves costs due to longer running times in the final application.

COM Express® made Rugged

German version

PICMG COM.0 meets VITA 59

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