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Passenger Information System for Buses

Standard Components Used in this Example

This customized member of the rugged and intelligent Display Computer family is intended for use in public buses in a setup sometimes involving a second, non-intelligent display. Either one or two 19" widescreen displays are placed in each vehicle. The intelligent display computer is located behind the driver, its 16:10 display panel visible in driving direction. Depending on the length of the bus, the additional non-intelligent display is located behind the hinge of the bus, also visible in driving direction and supplied with the same signal as the main unit's display panel via DVI-D.

This panel PC is designed for installation in a custom housing with a glass pane. An M6 earthing stud provides a proper connection between interior and exterior housing.

The electronics inside the device are based on the Intel Atom low-power architecture which allows to develop fanless display computers even for extended operation temperature. All state-of-the-artPC interfaces are available at the back of the computer, using rugged D-Sub or M12 connectors. Among others, a WLAN connection is used for continuous information updates during the drive. The IBIS interface connects to the local bus network while one of the binary inputs is used to signal stop requests from passengers. The maintenance-free computer operates in a temperature range from -20 to +60°C and comes with E1 automotive certification.

Standard Components Used in this Example

DC15 - Rugged 10.4" Panel PC

The DC15 panel PC is a fanless and maintenance-free human-machine interface (HMI) for interactive railway applications, and is available with either keys or capacitive touch screen.