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SCADA System for Trucks

Standard Components Used in this Example

This automotive datalogger for data recording and pre-processing is used in the transportation sector in trucks. It comes with E1 automotive certification. The SCADA system (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) sends all information about one or several vehicles to the HQ via UMTS. The transmitted data can include the vehicle's position, its status and its next scheduled maintenance.

The compact space-saving packaging is realized around a COTS Computer-On-Module and a customized carrier board. The MM1 ESMini COM is based on an Intel Atom processor. It supports conductive cooling within a fanless environment. Application-specific functions like the CAN bus interfaces are implemented as IPcores in the on-board FPGA.

Standard Components Used in this Example

MM1 - ESMini COM with Intel Atom

The MM1 is an ultra-small Computer-On-Module of the rugged ESMini family equipped with an Intel Atom Z510 or Z530 processor.