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ARINC 600 In-Flight Entertainment Server

Standard Components Used in this Example

The ARINC 600-compliant IFE-server is used for media streaming within commercial aircrafts. Two hot-pluggable hard drive shuttles can be swapped during operation. The cabin crew can thus exchange data during the flight. This is made possible by a separate maintenance board that holds the internal memory for the operating system, whereas previous solutions usually used one hard drive for storing both media content and the operating system.

Thanks to its sophisticated backplane with robust CompactPCI Serial plug connectors and separate slots for shuttles and maintenance board, the inside of the server is surprisingly neat and free of wires. An extended temperature range can be achieved through passive cooling.

Inside the server a standard CompactPCI Serial managed switch card provides a network ring topology increasing reliability as components can communicate via two directions.

The switch card offers high bandwidth with a 29 Gbit/s switch matrix and an extended temperature range of -40 °C to +85 °C. The 29 GBit switch matrix incorporates different software protocols to ensure high speed and high efficiency and the large software pool enables various protocols for security, synchronous Ethernet and stability as well as for meeting the temperature needs.

To connect to legacy aircraft equipment, an ARINC 429 and ARINC 717, as well as a discrete I/O interface is provided. Two antenna interfaces enable WiFi- or 3G/4G-based data transmission to the passenger?s mobile devices.

Standard Components Used in this Example

MP70S - ARINC 600 IFEC Network Server

The application ready, cPCI Serial based MP70S, is a DO-160G qualified, SWaP-C optimized general purpose device for high speed network applications inside an aircraft, such as in-flight entertainment, wireless content server, web servers or flight maintenance servers.