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Oilfield Server Platform & Router

Standard Components Used in this Example

This robust IoT system functions reliably even under the most adverse conditions and is currently in use on oil platforms. Installed directly on the drilling sites, the server platform communicates with the operator?s data processing center in real time from here via GSM, relaying all the data relating to the position of the drill head, resistance in the drilling mud, as well as general function and error analyses.

An extreme installation like this calls for maximum performance in terms of mechanical specifications ? indeed, the powerful computer with 200 W of waste heat would be enough of a challenge for any system. The solution therefore had to be just as extreme as the demanding situation itself: to begin with, the CompactPCI standard components consisting of F22P, G215, G302, and G501 were equipped with a solid conduction-cooled aluminum frame. The components, in turn, are encased in an IP64-protected housing, also with thermally conductive properties. This alone would be enough to have the system fully up and running and protected against the rough sea. But to ensure sufficient heat dissipation, another housing also surrounds the splash-proof processor unit. High-performance IP52-rated fans in the space between the construction provide continuous air circulation, expelling the heat outwards.

In order to ensure reliable operation and prevent the possibility of an expensive failure of the electronics, the system is based on redundant architectures and monitoring components. To this end, two redundant power supply units can assume the tasks normally performed by the defective power supply unit if a failure should occur. During normal operation, however, the output is divided between the two PSUs, and this in turn helps to increase their working life.

The three F22P CompactPCI PlusIO CPU boards are also monitored by a system controller, which is used to read and analyze diagnostics data from the BIOS upon booting. If a defect is detected in one of the CPU components, this information is conveyed to the data processing center during start-up.

The transmission of data from the server platforms to the drilling sites and onward to the data processing center is encrypted by security protocols and corresponds to an end-to-end encryption. This makes the transmission path of the data negligible; in any case, the information can only be read with the corresponding recipient key from the data processing center.

Standard Components Used in this Example

F22P - Intel Core i7 3rd gen CPU Board

The F22P 4HP/3U CPU board is compatible to the CompactPCI Plus IO standard and equipped with the 3rd generation Intel Core i7 3615QE processor and the QM77 platform controller hub.

G215 - Universal Interface Board

The G215 is a 3U CompactPCI Serial peripheral card offering different interface configurations for RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 UARTs, CAN bus or binary I/O.

G302 - Managed 16-Port Rugged Industrial Ethernet Switch

The G302 is a rugged managed 3U Gigabit Ethernet switch implemented as a CompactPCI Serial board with up to 16 Ethernet ports.

G501 - SATA HDD/SSD Shuttle

The G501 is a CompactPCI Serial hard disk drive carrier board designed to carry a 2.5" SATA hard disk drive or a solid state drive.