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We Keep the World in Motion

Advanced Computing for Reliable and Safe Operation


Avionic Systems

MEN DO-254 and DO-178B compliant and EN/AS 9100 certified electronics are embedded in airborne computers for civil aircraft, air traffic management and aircraft production.

Off-Road & Heavy Vehicles

Automotive and Vehicle Electronics

MEN robust and ISO 7637-2 certified electronics are embedded in trucks and all other types of commercial vehicles, including construction and agricultural machines.

Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

MEN computer boards and systems are embedded in safety-critical or mission-critical automation applications that are often exposed to harsh environments.


Marine Electronics

MEN marine electronics are embedded, for example, in the command desk or machine control of modern cargo and passenger ships.

Power & Energy

Power and Energy

MEN rugged electronics for power and energy applications are made for extreme environmental conditions and mission-critical automation systems.


Medical Engineering

MEN boards and systems are rugged and reliable computing platforms for mission-critical medical applications.