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Speed Camera Control

Standard Components Used in this Example

To make traffic management safer and to achieve a smoother, quieter and calmer traffic flow, computer-controlled multi camera systems are used for speed and red light offenses. Day and night, the cameras automatically photograph vehicles driving through red lights and exceeding a pre-set threshold speed, often monitoring several lanes in parallel. At the start and the end of a road section (with lengths between 500 m and 100 km), a digital image is taken. The intelligent system automatically compares these images by using the details of the vehicle, achieving an extremely high matching percentage. The speed of the vehicle is calculated by using time measurement. Offense images captured can be downloaded to a computer or back office. Captured images are securely encrypted to ensure that they are tamperproof.

One application is based on a Computer-On-Module concept with a PowerPC MPC 8245 on a standard ESM COM and all interfaces routed to a custom carrier board. The overall solution is very compact in order to fit inside the small camera housing and it is qualified for -40 to +85°C operation temperature according to the climatic conditions of an outside installation. The additional functionality is implemented by means of IP cores in the FPGA which is located on the ESM module. This functionality comprises standard IP cores like additional COMs, IDE, interrupt controller, or a separate watchdog for system reset. It also comprises very application-specific IP cores like the camera interface and a highly optimized compression algorithm which does the complete frame grabbing and encryption in the FPGA without loading the processor.

Another application is based on a 19" 3U CompactPCI system with an F17 COTS single-board computer and Intel Core 2 Duo processor. The F606 side-card extends the state-of-the-art PC interfaces of the F17 by two more Gigabit Ethernet interfaces on rugged Lemosa connectors and provides a slot for a 100 GB+ SATA hard disk for camera data storage. A second SATA hard disk can be connected via rear I/O from the F17. The system provides up to 15 slots that can be filled with other functions as required by the application, e.g., GPS and other wireless connections.

Standard Components Used in this Example

F606 - Side Card Gb Ethernet

The F606 is a 4HP dual Gigabit Ethernet extension card for 3U Intel based CompactPCI single-board computers. It can be used in combination with the F14 and compatible CPU boards.