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Robotics Surgery

Standard Components Used in this Example

Using medical robots for minimally invasive and precise surgery is increasingly supporting the surgeon's work and making operations safer and less straining on patients.

A 3U CompactPCI SBC F17 with an Intel Core 2 Duo processor is used to control a medical robot that performs knee surgery. The COTS computer is equipped with all state-of-the-art PC interfaces and has the application software stored in the on-board Flash memory. The interactive haptic robotics platform utilizes tactile-guided robotics and patient-specific visualization to prepare the knee joint for the insertion and alignment of resurfacing implants through a keyhole incision. The restorative surgical robot enables orthopedic surgeons to treat knee disease with consistently reproducible precision.

A similar computer platform is used to control a tele-robotics surgical system with tactile sensing capabilities. A 3U CompactPCI SBC F14 with Intel Pentium processor is the heart of the system. The F603 side-card delivers additional UART and USB interfaces and ANSI standard M-Module mezzanine cards M65 add CAN bus functionality.

In any type of laparoscopic intervention, the robot allows for the quick insertion and replacement of surgical instruments independent from the patient's positioning on the operation table. It is also possible to simultaneously use up to five of its robotic arms, operated by one or two surgeons.

Standard Components Used in this Example

F14 - Intel Pentium M CPU Board

Equipped with the high-performance Intel 2-GHz Pentium M down to the 1-GHz ultra low voltage Celeron M processor, the F14 is a 4 HP/3U CompactPCI board, designed for embedded systems with high computing/graphics performance and low power consumption.

F603 - Side Card USB/COM

The F603 is a 4HP mixed USB/COM extension card for 3U Intel based CompactPCI single-board computers. It can be used in combination with the F14 and compatible CPU boards.

M65 - Intelligent Dual CAN Interface

The mezzanine card M65 is a dual-intelligence full-CAN interface M-Module with CANopen master and slave support.

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