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Embedded Solutions for In-Vehicle Computing

Rugged Electronics for Off-Road & Heavy Vehicles Compliant to E-mark

Rugged Box and Panel PCs for transport or industrial applications

More Information on Electronics for Off-Road & Heavy Vehicles

E-mark for automotive applications

Modern off-road vehicles and heavy machines like tractors, construction, farming and mining machines or commercial vehicles and trucks have many functions directly controlled by computer systems that also need to communicate with the outside world.

As environments are harsh, the computers must be very robust and require ISO 7637-2 automotive certification. In addition to robustness, e.g., very high shock and vibration resistance, small footprint solutions are a must in narrow driver cabins.

Rugged and safe embedded computers are the best solution to guarantee fail-safe operation of machines and devices in harsh environments. Mission-critical computer systems are used, for example, to support safe driving techniques, fleet management, vehicle maintenance and protection against vehicle overload.

Wireless Communication

Control computers for vital functions are typically networked by fieldbusses like CAN bus inside the vehicle. Communication computers are mostly based on standard Ethernet, while the outside is connected using different wireless standards (GSM, GPRS, Edge, UMTS, HDSPA, LTE, WLAN).

Access points are required for Internet access or connection to the telephone network. Content servers may store camera data from surveillance systems.

Driver Navigation

Precise piloting of construction or agricultural machines (even at night) may require control of cameras, reception of GPS data for navigation, communication with other drivers etc., with all kinds of data and diagnosis results transmitted and exchanged with the company office or farm house.

Application Examples for Off-Road & Heavy Vehicles

Mining Machine Control Platform
Mining Machine Control Platform

Using two standard ESMini modules protected by a fire-safe, IP67-protected housing, this control unit for mining machines withstands extreme conditions.

Vehicle Panel PC for Intelligent Farming
Vehicle Panel PC for Intelligent Farming

This custom-designed intelligent vehicle display is a core element of precision farming technology based on standard ESMexpress computer-on-modules.

SCADA System for Trucks
SCADA System for Trucks

An Intel Atom based COTS computer-on-module is used inside a SCADA system for vehicle management in transportation.

Automotive Data Logger
Automotive Data Logger

This system is used for data logging during test drives and lab work, recording data from various sources like CAN, LIN, FlexRay, MOST, RS232/RS422 and Ethernet.

Embedded Electronics

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