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Infotainment with Wi-Fi Streaming

Standard Components Used in this Example

Recognizing the rising expectations in mass transportation, bus manufacturers are stepping up to incorporate technology into buses for a better end user experience.

For an infotainment streaming application the functions of standard box PCs BL70S and BL70W have been combined to form a customized entertainment-focused version. The box PC delivers media content, such as films, music and online newspapers into long-distance coaches. Via an integrated Wi-Fi access point the prestored data is transmitted to the user's display in the coach, but can also be watched on the passenger's own mobile devices such as laptops and phones.

The conduction cooled box PC comes with integrated hot-pluggable storage shuttles, an integrated Ethernet switch with PoE support and of course complies with E-mark requirements for automotive applications.

Standard Components Used in this Example

BL70S - Rugged Box PC for Storage Applications, Intel

The BL70S is a rugged, fanless embedded box computer for storage functions in rail, automotive or air transport and features 2 SATA HDD/SSD shuttles and an Intel Core CPU.

BL70W - Rugged Box PC for Wireless Applications, Intel

The Intel-based BL70W is a rugged, fanless embedded box PC that can be used as a wireless in-vehicle computer or for any other embedded transportation application.