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Robust and Flexible on 3U and 6U

CompactPCI® single-board computers, peripheral I/O and carrier cards from MEN excel with many features making them the right choice for demanding applications.

Beside long-term availability from min. 7 to 10 years and a temperature range of -40 to +85°C, our cPCI boards come, e.g., with conduction cooling as an add-on to COTS boards and triple redundancy for safe computers. With different processor architectures based on x86 (Intel® Atom™ up to Core i7 multi-core CPUs) and PowerPC® CPUs, also custom board and I/O solutions, up to complete turn-key systems can be tailored very easily.

CompactPCI CPUs and Peripheral Cards

The range of peripheral cards includes carriers for PCIe® MiniCards, XMC and PMC, interface boards for SATA, UART, WLAN, GSM or GPS and other I/O functions via FPGA IP cores. Managed and unmanaged Ethernet switches complete the product range.

Find all our CompactPCI CPUs and peripheral cards

Rugged Electronics

Rugged electronics imply safe and reliable operation of a computer board or system in harsh environments. Together with design and testing for shock, vibration, humidity or chemicals, CompactPCI® solutions fit like a glove in rugged industrial and safety-critical applications.

Learn more about MEN's expertise in rugged electronics

System Examples

System Examples

CompactPCI® solutions from MEN are very flexible. They can easily be tailored and are often used in railway, avionics and other mobile applications, e.g., for passenger information systems, or WTB or MVB solutions for vehicle networking, as well as for mission-critical industrial systems.

One Step Ahead

The new CompactPCI® Serial standard gears up CompactPCI® for the future and brings it in line with today's high demands in embedded computing.

About CompactPCI® Serial/PlusIO