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MDIS - MEN Driver Interface System

MDIS MEN Driver Interface System

MDIS, the MEN Driver Interface System, is a framework for device drivers for almost any kind of I/O hardware.

The MDIS concept makes the driver source code interchangeable between operating systems. It supports Linux, Windows, VxWorks and QNX, with a dedicated system package for each OS.

MDIS also includes PnP drivers and Installsets for easy installation under Windows, and a configuration wizard for all supported operating systems.

The last major MDIS upgrade was from MDIS4 to MDIS5, to support 64-bit architectures and multi-processor architectures (SMP). For hints on compatibility, please refer to the MDIS5 documentation that comes with system packages and driver software.

MDIS System Packages

The following table shows all available MDIS System Packages.

Windows13M000-06 (EOL, on request)13MD05-70
Linux13M000-13 (EOL, on request)13MD05-90
VxWorks13M000-07 (EOL, on request)13MD05-60
QNX13M000-15Not planned
OS-913M000-08Not planned

MDIS Installsets for Windows

MDIS for Windows provides Installation Sets (Installsets) to simplify the MDIS driver installation for sophisticated hardware. An Installset consists of MDIS driver packages and a configuration file that describes the MDIS software installation for a dedicated MEN hardware (e.g., CPU board, multifunction board).

An Installset can be shipped with the MDIS system package or can be provided stand-alone. It can also describe native Windows drivers and simplify their installation.

All Windows Installsets


MDIS Overview

You can find any MDIS4 or MDIS5 driver software along with documentation currently available for download in our Download section:

MDIS System Packages

MDIS System Package Documentation

All MDIS Downloads

All Windows Installsets