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menTCS - MEN Train Control System

SIL 4 Railway Computer for Safety-Critical Rolling Stock and Wayside Applications

Infographic modular MEN Train Control System menTCS

General Information

menTCS is an open and modular railway computer platform based exclusively on standard hardware and software. It is certifiable up to SIL 4 in its single parts and complies with the EN 50155 and EN 50125-3 / EN 50121-4 railway standards.

The train control system is designed to operate in rolling-stock applications such as Automatic Train Control (ATO) and Automatic Train Protection (ATP) as well as in wayside applications like interlocking systems. The modular Train Control System from MEN consists of the safe controller, the safe I/O functions and the communication interfaces to the "outside" world.

Its modular configuration enables the menTCS system to communicate with other train systems like service or diagnosis units via any type of wired or wireless interface. Additionally, fieldbus interfaces can be implemented to connect into other networks like MVB, CAN, Profinet etc. This makes it easy to integrate into a TCN network as well as into regionally different Train Control Systems like PTC, ETCS, CTCS, ATCS or Klub-U.

Let MEN design your individual safe computer system based on our long-standing experience in the realization of mission-critical electronics.

Systems with Single Building Blocks

The heart of the modular MEN Train Control System is the menTCS controller which delivers state-of-the art computing performance based on x86 PC technology. The menTCS controller consists of a safe part and what is called an “unsafe” (general purpose) part. The menTCS controller can be used as a standalone device and in combination with up to 63 remote I/O boxes.

menTCS System Controller in Combination with Remote I/O Boxes

For Safety-Critical Vehicle or Wayside Applications

MH50C - menTCS Safe System Controller SIL 2 to SIL 4

KT8 - menTCS Safe Remote I/O Box SIL 2 to SIL 4

K1 - 8 Safe Digital Outputs

K2 - 16 Safe Digital Inputs

K4 - 4 Safe Frequency Inputs