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Press Releases

Apr 20, 2017 CompactPCI Card F405: A Robust Multi I/O Board for Railway Applications

The CompactPCI board F405 is a multi I/O board designed specifically for use in railway applications. Thanks to the extended voltage range of -110 V to +110 V, the card can be used worldwide and in many different ways. In addition, the FPGA based design ensures long-term availability for the application. 

Apr 11, 2017 Again Best Score for IRIS Certification

MEN has been certified to IRIS since 2009. In this year’s surveillance audit, the company could once again improve its scoring and excel with top marks for the 8th time. 

Mar 09, 2017 All-round Carefree Switch Package: High-Speed Gigabit Ethernet Switch with Extension Cards on CompactPCI Serial

The G102 managed Ethernet switch is equipped with a 29 Gbit/s switch matrix, and provides up to 25 Gigabit Ethernet ports for high-speed communication. To expand the system, there are now a number of line cards available with additional interfaces.

Mar 01, 2017 Low Power for VMEbus with TI Sitara ARM Cortex-A15 CPU

The new VMEbus SBC A23C is equipped with the Sitara ARM Cortex processor and offers high computing power at comparable low power consumption. Together with two XMC/PMX slots, it combines low power and long-time availability with versatile I/O functions. 

A23C - Low Power VMEbus TI Sitara ARM Cortex-A15 CPU
Feb 22, 2017 CompactPCI Serial Multi-Display Controller G232 with AMD Radeon GPU

The latest CompactPCI serial peripheral card G232 from MEN provides excellent graphics performance with the Radeon E6465 GPU from AMD and is particularly suitable for multi-display applications.

Feb 08, 2017 Rapid NVMe-SSD Storage on a CompactPCI Serial Shuttle

The CompactPCI Serial SSD shuttle G504 can support a NVMe SSD hard disk, which ensures high data transfer rates thanks to its extremely high bandwidth. 

G504 NVMe SSD Rapid Storage Shuttle
Jan 26, 2017 CompactPCI PlusIO SBC with Intel Atom Apollo Lake-I

MEN presents the latest member of its CompactPCI Intel CPU product family, which has been growing for more than eleven years now. The F26L is based on Intel's latest Apollo Lake-I platform with either two or four cores, and improved graphics options. As usual, the CompactPCI PlusIO board is backward compatible to all predecessors of this family.

F26L - CompactPCI PlusIO SBC with Intel Atom Apollo Lake-I
Jan 11, 2017 For more Reliability and Comfort in the Train: The Main Server MH70R

BLUE BELL, Pa. January 2017 - The MH70R from MEN can be used as a stand-alone computer system, or in a networked configuration of two or more sub-units as a mobile IT infrastructure platform, and acts as the central component of the menRDC railway data center. The menRDC is the mobile office IT computer for virtually all non-vital train applications.

Dec 12, 2016 Versatility on a Small Footprint – COM Express Mini Module with TI Sitara

BLUE BELL, Pa. December 2016 - The CM10 is a low-power and space-saving COM Express Mini module that was developed around the TI Sitara ARM Cortex-A15 series of processors. Due to the low power consumption, the module can be operated without fans and is available with or without graphics support. 

Nov 30, 2016 Small and Power-Saving: Box PC for IoT in Industrial Automation

BLUE BELL, Pa. November 2016 - The BE10A is a space- and power-saving box PC with low power consumption that can be operated in a light, space-saving housing without fans, allowing for maintenance-free operation. Its versatile I/O possibilities make it especially suited for IoT gateway applications in industrial automation. 

Nov 21, 2016 Engineering System for the menTCS Safe and Modular Train Control System

BLUE BELL, Pa. November 2016 - infoteam Software AG and MEN have teamed up closely to implement an evaluation version of FlexiSafe for the menTCS safe train control system. The evaluation software allows fast and uncomplicated testing of different use cases.

Nov 14, 2016 Securely into the Cloud: PCI Express Mini Card with Smart Card Interface

BLUE BELL, Pa. November 2016 The PCI Express Mini Card PX6 protects your system from unauthorized access. An integrated Smart Card stores the access codes for data transfer into the cloud. The encryption solution is independent of the cloud provider. 

Oct 04, 2016 MEN Participation in Obsolescence Working Group of CNA/Cluster Bahntechnik

BLUE BELL, Pa. October 2016 - Increasing requirements of modern trains and a rising cost pressure caused by obsolescence problems prompted the CNA/Cluster Bahntechnik to found a working group, which wants to contribute with standardized guidelines for customers and suppliers to decrease costs. The CNA member MEN is now actively contributing its long-standing experience in obsolescence management

Sep 29, 2016 New menTCS Component – Safe I/O Card with Digital Outputs

BLUE BELL, Pa. September 2016 - The safe I/O card K7 provides 8 digital outputs with low side switching and is the newest member of the menTCS family, the safe and modular train control system from MEN. Thanks to integrated supervision functions a single card can reach safety level SIL 2 and is certifiable up to SIL 4 by using the cards redundantly. 

Sep 15, 2016 Safe and Rugged: AAR Compliant Train Control

BLUE BELL, Pa. September 2016 - The MA50C is a modular system for safe train control, with its mechanical design complying to the AAR S-590 standard (Association of American Railroads). The controller unit is the first member of a robust family in parallel to the existing menTCS Train Control System family, which is based on the same components and functionality.

Sep 13, 2016 Computer Center for Trains – MEN Railway Data Center menRDC

BLUE BELL, Pa. September 2016 - At this year’s InnoTrans, MEN is presenting its latest solution for the railway market: the MEN Rail Data Center menRDC. menRDC is based on a family concept, which offers a robust and powerful platform for all non-vital functions in a train with complementary components – including virtualization.

Aug 25, 2016 First Steps towards openETCS: Successful Test Implementation in SCADE

BLUE BELL, Pa. August 2016 - Within the framework of the openETCS initiative, an EU support program led by Deutsche Bahn, MEN provided a test implementation for the virtual on-board unit, which was modelled in SCADE. Future customers can use it as an implementation example for the modular menTCS Train Control System.

Aug 01, 2016 Robust PCIe Mini Card Carrier on CompactPCI Serial

BLUE BELL, Pa. August 2016 - The new CompactPCI Serial carrier board G227 for PCI Express Mini Cards fulfills almost any wish regarding wireless data communication. It offers space for two PCIe Mini Card slots for LTE, UMTS, GSM or HSPA, each with two antenna connectors at the front, one PCI Mini Card slot for WLAN, telephony, GPS or audio signals and up to ten microSIM cards.

Jul 26, 2016 Binary I/O for Rail Applications on CompactPCI Serial

BLUE BELL, Pa. July 2016 - The new 3U CompactPCI Serial board G403 with 16 bidirectional digital I/O channels has been designed specifically for modern railway applications. The new board is suited for many different control functions, such as door-locking control and interior lighting.

Jul 14, 2016 MTCS Update: Middleware PACY for Safe Communication

BLUE BELL, Pa. July 2016 - The MTCS Modular Train Control System from MEN is an open computer platform for automated train control and protection. The central key element of this open architecture is the PACY middleware developed by MEN. It handles the communication between the application software and the safe I/O cards, which are also part of the MTCS family. 

MTCS Update: Middleware PACY for Safe Communication
Jun 23, 2016 Interface Card for CompactPCI Serial

BLUE BELL, Pa. June 2016 - The CompactPCI Serial interface card G229 combines the legacy interfaces RS232 and RS422/485 with state-of-the-art slots for USB 3.0 and m.2. Using a PCIe Mini Card, it can also serve as a graphic board within a CompactPCI Serial system. 

Jun 15, 2016 Start of Working Group for Space CompactPCI Serial

BLUE BELL, Pa. June 2016 - The call for participation in the PICMG working group for Space CompactPCI Serial has recently been closed, and the initial meeting for starting the activities has been scheduled. In the extension of the CompactPCI Serial specification, the definition of a dual star architecture and an open management bus is planned.

PICMG Standard Space CompactPCI Serial
May 27, 2016 Board Support Package for MEN’s QNX-powered F75P Safe Computer Earns SIL 4 Certification from TÜV SÜD

BLUE BELL, Pa. May 2016 - MEN Mikro Elektronik today announced that it has achieved certification to EN 50128 Safety Integrity Level (SIL) 4 for the safe board support package (BSP) running on the MEN F75P dual-redundant single-board computer and the QNX® OS for Safety. The F75P computer is the heart of MEN’s Modular Train Control System (MTCS), an open computer platform for automatic train operation and protection.


May 03, 2016 Stereo Audio Functionality on a PCI Express Mini Card

BLUE BELL, Pa. May 2016 - The PCI Express Mini Card PX5 enables undisturbed transmission of audio signals as they are needed, for example for announcements in trains and airplanes. This stereo audio functionality is a modular part of modern passenger information systems.



Jul 09, 2015 CompactPCI Serial Revision 2 is here!

As recently announced by PICMG, the American consortium for embedded technology, an update of the industry standard CompactPCI Serial is now available – CompactPCI Serial Revision 2. The successor of the well-known CompactPCI standard, being four years old now, has several tens of thousands of installations in the field in the meantime.