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Oct 23, 2017

IOT & Gateway Computer or WLAN Access Point

IOT & Gateway Computer or WLAN Access Point

Maintenance Free and Extremely Rugged
The NM50 is a fanless and maintenance-free wireless access point, specifically designed for use in railway cars operating in rugged environmental conditions.

High Speed Internet for Multiple WLAN Devices
The NM50 Access Point can support up to two WLAN modules, and provides reliable high speed internet and local data connection to multiple WLAN compatible devices. A configurable firewall protects WLAN clients and supports secure and uninterrupted internet data access.

High Performance Processor in a Conduction Cooled System
The NM50 Access Point is based on QorIQ Power PC CPU technology from NXP. The system is designed for fanless operation in temperatures ranging from -40 to +70°C (+85°C for up to 10 minutes). Its special aluminium housing with cooling fins serves as a heatsink for the internal electronics, and in this way provides conduction cooling. As a member of MEN's family of extremely rugged industrial box PCs, the NM50 provides the same flexibility and scalability, as well as a look and feel which is common to the family.

Extended Coverage and Increased Service Availability
A redundant upstream connection to a local server, or downstream to other access points, to extend coverage and increase availability of service, is achieved via the two Gigabit Ethernet ports available on 8-pin M12 connectors.

Wide Range Power Input and Compliant to Railway Standards
The voltage supply for the fully configured NM50 Access Point is designed for maximum flexibility and supports wide range input supply voltages from 14.4 to 154 VDC, and meets all EN 50155 requirements for voltages ranging from 24 to 110 VDC.

Adaptable to Specific Application Needs
The NM50 comes in two standard versions and can be adapted to meet specification application needs. Some of the most important configuration options include the number of WLAN radios and type of upstream link.

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