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Oct 20, 2017

Mezzanine Card with 4 UARTs

Quad Serial Interface M-Module
The M77N M-Module is a quad serial interface mezzanine card. It supports four high-performance UARTs with RS232 or RS422/485 level at the front-panel D-Sub connector or at its 24-pin onboard connector.

The 24-pin onboard connector is typically used to lead the I/O signals to the carrier board where they are transferred to the rear I/O connector.
The interface mode of the M77N can be changed by means of software. The termination resistor for RS422/485 must be set up through an external connection in the cable.

Based on ANSI Standard
The M77N is based on the M-Module ANSI mezzanine standard. It can be used as an I/O extension in any type of bus system, i.e. CPCI, VME or on any type of stand-alone SBC.

Flexible and Cost Saving
The M77N is fully compatible to the predecessor M77 M-Module, which means no changes in application design are necessary. Appropriate M-Module carrier cards in 3U, 6U and other formats are available from MEN or other manufacturers.

Optical Isolation
All out-bound interface lines are optically isolated from the internal digital ground, board and system electronics, which is essential for advanced automotive and industrial applications. Optical isolation makes the module usable in critical environments, e.g., in trains, because it saves the controlling computer from external disturbances like high voltage pulses.

Reliable and Robust
The M77N can operate in a -40°C to +85°C temperature range according to EN 50155 class TX. All components in the cable-less design are soldered and the board withstands shock and vibration for reliable operation. With a guaranteed standard life-time of seven years from product start, M77N facilitates the client’s life-cycle management by making the board available at least for this period of time.

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