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Supported Operating System

  • Linux
  • VxWorks
  • QNX
  • OS-9

Supported MEN Boards

M199 standard version

Supported Features

  • M-Module access
  • ID EEPROM access
  • USM EEPROM access

Included Documentation

HTML documentation included in ZIP file


  • This MDIS5 low-level driver is compatible with MDIS4 system packages.
  • Requires MDIS4 or MDIS5 system package newer than 2007-08-23
  • The driver requires libraries which are not yet included in older system packages. If you have got problems using the driver, please contact MEN support.

Licensing Information


This article is free of charge.

Ordering Information & Downloads

Main Software

MDIS5 low-level driver sources (MEN) for M199

Requires a compatible MDIS system package.

Related Software

MDIS4/2004 / MDIS5 Windows driver (MEN) for M199


Nios M-Module USM FPGA Development Package (MEN) (without Altera Quartus II) (license included in M-Module USM FPGA Development Kit)