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13Z015-06 - MDIS5 low-level driver sources (MEN) for 16Z029_CAN (MSCAN/Layer2)

MDIS5 low-level driver sources (MEN) for 16Z029_CAN (MSCAN/Layer2)

Supported Operating System

  • Linux
  • VxWorks
  • QNX
  • OS-9

Supported Components

  • MEN IP core 16Z029_CAN
  • CAN controller inside MPC5121e/MPC5123
  • CAN controller inside MPC5200

Tested MEN Boards

  • EM1
  • EM1A
  • EM1N
  • EM4
  • EM4N
  • EM6, EM7
  • EM7N
  • EK2
  • EK4
  • EK5, EK5N, EK6, EK8
  • EK6N
  • F8, F11N, F12
  • F12N
  • F215
  • MM1
  • MM50
  • P506
  • PP1
  • RC1
  • The above list refers only to MEN standard products and may be incomplete. The driver may also support other MEN boards or board combinations not explicitly listed.


  • Operates on direct CAN (layer 2) frames
  • Permits access to all features of the MSCAN CAN controller
  • Supports CAN Specification 2.0, standard and extended data and remote frames
  • Programmable global acceptance filter (mask and code), standard or extended
  • 10 message objects with FIFOs (provided by driver)
  • Programmable acceptance filter for each RX object

Included Documentation

HTML documentation


  • This MDIS5 low-level driver is compatible with MDIS4 system packages.
  • Requires MDIS4 or MDIS5 system package

Licensing Information


This article is free of charge.

Ordering Information & Downloads

Main Software

MDIS5 low-level driver sources (MEN) for 16Z029_CAN (MSCAN/Layer2)

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