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13Z017-06 - MDIS5 driver (MEN) for 16Z034_GPIO, 16Z037_GPIO and 16Z127_GPIO

MDIS5 driver (MEN) for 16Z034_GPIO, 16Z037_GPIO and 16Z127_GPIO

Supported Operating System

  • Linux
  • VxWorks
  • QNX
  • OS-9

Supported MEN IP Cores

  • 16Z034_GPIO
  • 16Z037_GPIO
  • 16Z127_GPIO

Supported MEN Boards

  • A14C, A17
  • CC10C, CC10
  • D6, D7
  • EM1, EM1A, EM1N, EM3, EM3A, EM8, EM8A, EM9
  • F12, F12N, F13
  • F215, F216
  • P598, P599, P699
  • P507
  • MM1


  • 8-bit general purpose I/O (16Z034_GPIO/16Z037_GPIO)
  • 32-bit general purpose I/O (16Z127_GPIO)
  • Data direction programmable for every I/O port
  • State of output port pins readable
  • Ability to generate interrupts on rising, falling or both edges on port
  • Every port can work in open drain mode
  • Hardware debouncing possible for every port

Included Documentation

HTML Documentation


  • This MDIS5 low-level driver is compatible with MDIS4 system packages.
  • Requires MDIS4 or MDIS5 system package

Licensing Information


This article is free of charge.

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Main Software

MDIS5 low-level driver sources (MEN) for 16Z034_GPIO, 16Z037_GPIO and 16Z127_GPIO

Requires a compatible MDIS system package.

Related Software

MDIS4/2004 / MDIS5 Windows driver (MEN) for 16Z034_GPIO devices


Nios PMC USM FPGA Development Package (MEN) (without Altera Quartus II) (license included in PMC USM FPGA Development Kit)


VxWorks BSP (MEN) for CC10C, CC10 and CC10S