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16M199-00 - Nios M-Module USM FPGA Development Package (MEN)

Nios M-Module USM FPGA Development Package (MEN)

M-Module USM FPGA Development Package

  • The M-Module USM FPGA Development Package can be used with the M199 USM main M-Module. It includes a sample design integrating the standard Wishbone and the Altera Avalon bus.
  • The user can add IP cores to the Wishbone bus by using MEN's Wishbone Bus Maker tool, which is part of the package and which can be used to generate the Wishbone bus. The Wishbone Bus Maker can generate multi-master and multi-slave bus systems.
  • A Wishbone-to-Avalon-bridge and vice versa, an Avalon-to-Wishbone-bridge - both developed by MEN - allow the additional integration of Avalon-based IP cores and especially of the Nios soft core from Altera. Nios connects to the Avalon bus, where a UART module and a GPIO module for user LED control is already implemented as well. The user can now also add IP cores to the Avalon bus by using the SOPC Builder tool from Altera. The SOPC builder is a part of the Quartus II development package of Altera - see www.altera.com. It is not part of MEN's M-Module USM FPGA Development Package.

Supported Operating System

Windows XP/2000


  • FPGA file
  • Quartus archive
  • MEN BusMaker
  • Bootstrapper and Perl script

Not Included

Altera Quartus II


Programmer's guide available as a separate download (PDF)


Please refer to the User Manual of the M-Module USM FPGA Development Kit for a detailed description of the hardware related to this software package.

Licensing Information

Ordering Information & Downloads

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