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Driver Desk Solutions

Standard Components Used in this Example

Panel PCs for driver desk solutions are used to display content, e.g., video streams from a passenger surveillance system or messages from the vehicle diagnostic system, and/or to interactively control elements like the entrance, windscreen wipers, air conditioning, passenger information system or track level crossings. They have to be robust, fanless and maintenance-free and typically feature a touch screen to support the HMI functions. Video surveillance and infotainment systems are nowadays connected via LAN. Driver desk computers for road-bound vehicles like buses, trucks etc. need ISO 7637-2 (E-mark) certification in addition.
The driver desk in a train is controlled by standard display computers DC2 in combination with a customized panel PC version. The fully EN 50155 compliant 10.4" displays show, e.g., the current fuel consumption and the ideal performance for fuel-efficient driving. It is powered by a low-voltage processor of the Intel Atom family and comes with a wide-range, class S2 power supply. While the electronics inside the display is conformally coated, the front of the device is IP 65 protected and conforms to temperature class Tx.
The driver desk in a bus enables the driver to access various data. Additionally, these displays can be used to print and validate tickets. The display computers are also based on the DC2 device. They have the same environmental features and are additionally certified according to the E1 automotive norm.

Standard Components Used in this Example

DC2 - Rugged 10.4" Touch Panel PC

The panel PC DC2 is a rugged, fanless and maintenance-free human-machine interface for interactive applications in transportation and industrial automation.