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Vital Train and Wayside Control

Standard Components Used in this Example

ATO (Automatic Train Operation) and ATP (Automatic Train Protection) minimize accidents caused by human error, increase the train frequency on the tracks, or avoid overspeed and overrunning red signals.

In one application a 3U CompactPCI Intel based system with conductive cooling supports an existing custom ATO system. An onboard FPGA carries all customer-specific interfaces as IP cores. Analog signal functions have been added by using standard M-Module mezzanine cards. A similar OBU (On Board Unit) application for the American PTC (Positive Train Control) system uses an AAR compliant CompactPCI system with conductive cooling and IP65 protection class.

CBTC (Communication Based Train Control) supports driverless operation in mass transit vehicle to increase traffic speed and frequency, lower energy consumption, or to allow precise stops at the station.

In one driverless underground application, up to 500 mobile and stationary control and management systems are needed to monitor the train line. The 3U CompactPCI Intel based control and monitoring system provides a response channel that allows the permanent transmission of status data of the vehicles back to the control center. It consists of five independent units forming two 1oo2 systems and one separate system for communication and data storage. Additional functions like digital I/O, analog outputs, counter pulses, a radar sensor to pick up data from the route sensors etc. are implemented in the on-board FPGA.

EVC (European Vital Computer) and RBC (Radio Block Center) are part of the ETCS (European Train Control System) computing equipment.

In one implementation the electronics of the EVC is built with a standard QorIQ based Rugged COM Express module with TÜV pre-certified fail-safe board architecture, integrated in a full-custom enclosure.

CBI (Computer Based Interlocking) requires safety in combination with high availability of the wayside computer systems.

Applications from MEN that have been configured with complex 2oo3 or 2oo4 architectures based on CompactPCI in combination with PowerPC or Intel processors in the past can now be replaced with the time- and cost-saving MEN Train Control System menTCS.

Train Control System menTCS – The One-Fits-It-All Solution: menTCS is a general purpose, fully EN 50155 compliant platform for safe train and wayside functions based on standard technologies for hardware, software and communication – and as such open to the features and requirements of the final application. Its modularity makes it configurable for every control function inside and outside the train – and scalable to any required safety level from SIL 2 up to SIL 4. menTCS comes with pre-certified hardware in combination with pre-certified software and corresponding certificates from TÜV SÜD, minimizing the duration of the certification process.

Standard Components Used in this Example

F75P - Vital Embedded Single Board Computer, 3 Intel Atom E6xx

The F75P is an x86 Intel Atom E680T based fail-safe vital embedded computer, certified to SIL 4 with onboard dual redundancy for functional safety and a third CPU for I/O communication. It targets safety-critical applications in embedded railway and wayside computers and in industrial automation. F75P is also part of the menTCS Train Control System.

D602 - Vital Embedded Single Board Computer with 3 PowerPC 750

The D602 is a fail-operational, fault-tolerant vital embedded computer, certifiable up to SIL 4 and DAL-A, with onboard triple redundancy for functional safety and availability. It targets safety-critical applications in embedded aircraft computer systems, railway and wayside computers and industrial automation.

MH50C - menTCS Vital System Controller

The MH50C is the central component of the menTCS train control system for safety-critical vehicle or wayside applications like ATO/ATC or ATP based on ERTMS/ETCS, PTC, PZB/Indusi or ZUB.

CB30 - Vital Rugged COM Express Module with QorIQ P1022

The CB30 CPU is a QorIQ P1022 based Rugged COM Express module for safety-related applications with SIL 2 report from TÜV SÜD, meeting EN 50128 & EN 50129 for railway transport and IEC 61508 for industrial automation. The CB30C supports conductive cooling technology and is 100% EMC proof.

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